Saturday, February 2, 2013

Look Year, New Look, New Updates

Hey Everybody-
Our blog is alive once again.  We just revamped our design here, so that Jocelyn can give the update for when Peter is 2 and Eloise is 6 months.  Be excited!  It's going to be a work of art.


Peter is excited!  So should you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Super Duper Up-to-dator!

Hey All! (who read this blog, and still do with our many inconsistent posts.)

A few new things have been going on since last we posted.

1) Jocelyn was diagnosed with Cancer of the Lymph system.

(note the HUGE tumor on her neck)

2) Have completed 3 chemo treatments

 (drawn, coloured, and shaded by a meeee!!!)

3) Peter is 17 months old and says words now

(yet he won't do them on camera)

4) I am being sued for hitting a drunk fellow two years ago

5) Jocelyn has been working really hard at keeping healthy.

6) Major diet change for everybody.  We are Refined Sugar Freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

(Sugar feeds cancer)

7) I have laser vision.  Haha! I wish!  I could make toast so much easier.  I just have pyrokinesis.

8) I have been working with a guy in our ward doing repairs on ceilings, and tutoring some evenings.

(It's pretty fun!  I have been on top of mall buildings, train engine repair shops, and all over!)

9) And our baby is coming early!  Most likely early or mid August.

(If she has more of my genes, she may appear thus)

10) And it's a girl- if no one knows so far.

11) We shaved our heads

(we now know kung-fu)

12) Our App I have been working on in the near end stages!  Looking at End of July release.

(I have signed a non-disclosure agreement- so until it is released I can't show anything)

13) And I made NABE!  Kimchi Nabe.  Oh yeah!

 (With our new diet, cool-ade is out....)

So, with our diet change we've been making all sorts of new foods.  It's been fun to experiment.  Below is the steps we took to some yummy goodness.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We have returned!

Hey Everybody!

How goes the world?  Well, we have some news.

We have a camera again!!!  So now I can post blog stuff again.  I dunno, I really like blogs with pictures, so I didn't feel justified to post until we got a camera again.  And now we have a spy cam.  We call him "Spiral"  or Ralph for short.

Here he is :D

Anyways, in other news, we be having a baby!  In september.  For those who missed the announcement, here it is again.

Lately, I have been getting into cel shading for an app a few of us our creating.  Can't share any details here, but as soon as the beta testing starts we will let you all know.  All I can say is it will be an ipad app for kids.  It's been really fun.

Jocelyn, has been doing lots of stuff too!  She is continuing as a float at the hospital, which requires a lot of skill.  She needs to be able to do any floor at anytime.  The other day she had two floors in one shift!  Crazy!   Yup, she is amazing- I know that is what you are thinking.  She has also been busy growing the baby.  She is currently 16 weeks along and looking pretty dang good if you ask me ;)

Yup, that's my girl! - she had remove a bunch that she didn't like.

Whilst, I can't grow babies, I had to use other methods to make a temporary equivalence.  We have been in the market for awhile for a new computer- we even almost got scammed on the internet!  Luckily, Dad Lonsdale saved the day on that one.  Credit Card changed and now we are back to our normal lives.  Anyways, I made this computer with the help of a member in the ward.  I call it Ozymandias.

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Really cool poem.  If you haven't read it, it's really sweet.  It is named because currently it is amazing!  We have quite the hardware in there in comparison if we bought an imac for the same price.  It is aptly named because in the poem- all that is left of Ozymandias' empire is a trunkless statue and a face in the dirt and the sign.  In our world rapidly changing, this computer may well be considered slow and obsolete in ten years time.  That is one application of the name.  Also, I wanted it to symbolize that compared to what really matters most, it is insignificant.

In other news, I am drawing near to the end of the semester.  One more year till graduation- which is nothing to celebrate because I have mane many more ahead of me.

Peter is doing good too!  He isn't walking yet- which is good and bad.  Good because he can't get into as much trouble, bad because he gets frustrated he can't yet.  He has also been sick this last week, and has only just gotten better.  It's nice to have him back.


The video shows one of his new fake cries.  He is like a "cat" says Jocelyn.  :)

Well, this is it.  I hope to update our blog design this week.  So come back and check it out if you want :D

Thanks for reading!  Have a great Easter!!!

PS You know it's Easter when Plastic Grass comes out of your cats bum!  I saw it on a card once- needed to be shared.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Camera---

I love putting pictures on our blog but we have somehow misplaced our camera over the holiday.  Peter is turning one and we will be celebrating his birthday this weekend.  So we will hopefully have some pictures of that at least.  Just wanted to let everyone know that we are alive and well, and are happy and stuff.  :"D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on the Update

Thanks to the hubs for posting the ad- like it says, 4 shows only! You can buy online or over the phone. It's the company's first production, so how this show does really determines whether or not more family-friendly musicals are in the future- so come! Please?

OH, and guess what Peter decided to do today? CRAWL! Forwards, backwards, anywards!! Murphy's Law, eh? That the day I post he can't he decides to? Eeeeyii!

So, funny story: I went out to get blizzards for Isaacs and I as a treat. As we were eating them Peter looked right at me, opened and closed his mouth, and signed the word "more"! Now you have to understand, I've been using baby sign language with him since he was 4 months old and he knows what milk, sleep, diaper, all done, bath, and up all mean, but hasn't done any of them. So I just started teaching him more this past week and of course it would be his first sign-- to get ice cream. HA!

Comings and Goings On

To appease the hubby, I thought I'd do a quick update as to the going ons around here. First up, Peter is just about 8 months old! Crrraazy! It's weird to think that he's been out almost longer than he was in. You always hear how time goes so fast when you have kids, but you never really understand it until you do. Just one of the many things you never really understand until you're there...

Peter is a very happy boy, despite having a cold, cough, and sprouting two teeth the past couple of weeks. This has helped me to be a happy mommy, considering. He loves feeling the new additions and it's neat to hear them clacking against things.

He's at the stage where he just wants to move, dangnabbit! Sitting isn't quite enough, and crawling is only in the backwards direction. Me? I'm kind of okay with this... Once he gets going, there'll be no way of stopping him... Duh duh duh duhhhhh....

Isaac's in the full swing of things at school. Though he may say otherwise, he's really enjoying his classes and is looking forward really digging into the meatier maths. He's a hard worker, doing well, and always make sure to take some time for his wifey and son. Oh, cute something? Isaac will be playing the guitar and Peter gets excited and starts "singing" along. Melts my heart.

Big news! I gotta JOB! That's right folks, I have my first official job as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). It's a casual position in the medicine float pool at a hospital here in downtown Edmonton. There are 11 different units I'll be expected to work on that range from pulmonary to family medicine. It'll be crazy challenging, but good, right? Right? *Crickets*
Anywho, the whole reason I'm doing this is to keep up my license and will only be taking a shift here and there when Isaacs can watch Peter. I start orientation pretty soon here and am trying shift mental gears. Anyone have any tips/hints/suggestions/last words?

What about the play, you ask? Yes, I am a bride (Liza) in a community production of "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". It's going full steam ahead and I have been thoroughly enjoying it- even the humiliation I experience while discovering that my bathroom mirror was NOT an accurate judge of my dance skills... Anyways, it's going to be AWESOME AWESOME. Want the deets? I'll post them tonight. Eeeyahoooooo!!

Soo.....Halloween's coming. And I'm drawing a blank as to what to do for costumes. Any quick, easy ideas? Isaac wants Peter to go as Donald Trump, so if you've got anything PLEASE share!!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Apple doesn't fall from the tree

Peter is almost 7 months old!!!  And he has gotten so BIG!!  And he kickin' away upstairs right now even though he supposed to be in bed...  When mom's away- the baby will play?  Anyways, it is well passed due to update this blog.
Well, I am D. O. N. E. Vivint.  I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do it again.  I burned the shirt to prove it.  It is now blowing away in the wind across the prairies- how poetic... haha!  Anyways- that's done and achool is up and running again.  But before I get into that, time update the last couple weeks of the summer.

  I got permission to leave after I hit my 200 mark to get on my vacation.  So, Friday night at midnight I left for Calgary, but I missed and got to Raymond just after 5 am.  Actually I just missed Jocelyn and Peter.  It was the tiredest I have ever been.  I was beyond tired- I started hallucinating.  It was pretty trippy.  After a couple days at my parents house we went to The Great Canadian Barn Dance to camp for a few days.  It was GREAT!  I highly recommend it.  Well worth the money.  Great food, great fun, and great dancing.  We even took Peter to the dance and he had a great time riding on my back as I did the two-step with Jocelyn.  We also were able to hook up with some old friends, Mike and Ashley Reina and their new son Oliver.  It was great to see them again.  On monday we went boating in St. Mary's reservoir and I got flipped a couple of times in the tube.  Still a tad sore.  We took Peter in the boat too and he fell straight to sleep haha!  We headed to Calgary right after and stayed with Jocelyn's parents.  We got to eat sushi in Calgary with Dad Lonsdale on tuesday before we came back.  Jocelyn tried sashimi for the first time EVER!  I was so proud.  Then we got home safe and sound.

(Jocelyn said I was really mature for this one- weird I thought most people would think the contrary)

(enjoying some breaky at the camp)

(the cousins together)

(breaky again)

(supplies Lucas!!!)

(Mom and Dad Ogrins cleaning the trailer)

(Peter gets so proud of himself when he roles onto his tummy)

(the Smoulder)

(aye aye cap'n!)

(Lucas and Jekobs playing Kirby's Epic Yarn-)

As for school, this has to be the weirdest semester ever.  I am taking Geometry because it is one of my more weaker subjects.  In the class we deal only in degrees for angle.  I am so used to using radians as it makes things so much nicer when using calculus.  Also, oddly enough, not very much trig will be used in the course.  The other course I am taking is Intro to Discrete Mathematics.  It is the "art of problem solving" course.  There we learn about the different codes that can be made to relay information (for example in the war), and our text is a fictional novel, kind of like sherlock holmes, which depicts a man solving problems on adventures.  Also I am taking Linear Algebra- one of the most slack classes ever.  I already know how to do it, I just need credit.  As I was sitting there in class, I already can see all the mistakes the professor is making.  Oh well, just need to grin and bare it.  Lastly, I am taking a Physics Lab course.  It is really neat because I need to buy a hardcover book to write my labs in, and once I put my name in it, it is copyrighted to me- just in case I make any discoveries.  Pretty cool.  One day down and many more to go- School ends December 7th.  I figured that out even before school started.  Haha!

Well Jocelyn is for sure going to do a post about her adventures in the last couple weeks of the summer.  She was at her parents house a week before I was done work, in order to see Derek off on his mission to Peru.  Till then- see yas